Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Women, The New Men?

Just recently, I have noticed a trend in the dating world in which women are the indecisive, selfish, and looking out for themselves type without a care as to how they or who they choose to lead on. And, maybe they should be as it seems like men have always filled this role quite well. I don’t know if this “phenomena” is spurned by the economy, pop culture, or the expanding role women now play in the workplace. But, for those in their early to late 20’s, women are becoming the New Men…let me explain.

I consider myself a good looking guy (great with dim lighting and a few cocktails in you) with a lot going on for myself, and lately I have been on a variety of first dates, some going well, some not. In particular, I had a date with a very attractive girl, who I felt blew me off a couple of weeks earlier. I took the “male” higher ground after two attempts to hang out with her and just left it, chalking her up to the laws of probability. Surprisingly, 10 days later I received a text from her that she had been thinking about me. I thought to myself, interesting since we had only texted occasionally and of our 2 brief phone conversations it was just small talk (maybe the dim lighting really helped me the first time we met..:)). Anyways, we ended up going out for some drinks and food, and spent the whole evening together, I even went with her to a friends birthday party at another establishment (yes, that needed throwing back an extra cocktail or two). Our conversation was engaging, we talked about real issues, goals, where we are in our lives, etc. At the end of the night, we went back to her place, kissed and played a little grab-ass. Since that evening she went “ghost”, (by ghost I mean I have had no contact with her). Now I have to preface, I am by no means a relationship guy nor are actively seeking one. I didn’t over text or try to consume her lifestyle after one date. Is it karma?? I thought this at first, being all the other times I may have “mistreated” a girl, but a similar circumstance happened to me again the following week. I don’t know, maybe they know each

The mindset of many men lays out like this: when men go out with a girl for the first time, the majority of us are looking for an emotion-free physically intimate "understanding", and if we enjoy talking to you, we can see where it may go from there. However, with the majoroity of women, I do not think it is that simple. Thoughts??

In an attempt in trying to understand the female psyche, I offer this blog of some of my own entertaining and not so entertaining escapades with women. In return, I ask the ladies to post questions regarding their encounters with men, as I will offer advice on how the male psyche works. In my response I hope to provide women with options for you in helping decide which direction you choose to take involving your relationships with men.

Good Luck and Thanks!


  1. Love the article... but if guys are realizing we are catching on why is it that they haven't changed?

  2. this whole story is so complex, its like a years worth of drama and bullshit...(please bear with)
    essentially, this guy cannot commit to me, despite that we have been "toghether" (on and off) for a year and a half. Now, that he has graduated and living in another city, I thought I could move on, but he keeps popping back in my life. I can't even date other people because I am stuck on the prospect that there is still something between us. We still talk to eachotehr all the time, but only see eachother occasionaly (basically whenever he is town for gameday). But I do not know if he is feeding me lines or not. Is he just lonely because he is by himself and living in the real world? I dont know if he loves me or if he is selfish and does not me to be with someone else. Be brutally honest...