Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hook, Line, and…Sinker?

Hook, Line, and…Sinker?

Those new and old to the dating world delve into a mysterious abyss each time they interact with a new fish. For those of you that are new, feelings such as anxiety, apprehension, curiosity, and maybe even fear fill your head. And for those of us with experience, such feelings may also resonate; however, they may be confronted and tackled much more easily. In today’s society, dating involves a diverse mixture of couples enjoying their day/night out together. Differences can range from race, cultural upbringings, politics, social classes, and fashion trends. Similar to fishing, different tactics and methods are used to lure in “the catch”. Nevertheless, all players (no pun intended) involved in the dating game (fishing) all understand one common language- numbers. To some, the most unattainable number is 1, but to others the more the merrier, or so they think.

What’s the hook? The physical you is the hook. How you present yourself to others is the bait that attaches to each hook. When you go fishing, what is it that stimulates the fish to take interest? It’s the bait, and bait attaches to a hook. The type of fish you intend to catch all depends on the kind of bait you attach to the end of your hook. In a dry spell and looking to catch an easy fish, then your bait does not have to be as appetizing. Looking to snag a prize catch (one that you can brag and show to your friends), one better be attaching more than just a few worms.

Casting the line is the most decisive move when fishing. When casting your line many factors must be taken into consideration. First, be sure to attach the proper amount and qualities of bait to your hook for the intended fish you want. Now concentration must be focused on how strong to cast your line. Too strong and you may scare the fish away, and too light you may not reach the fish. With that being said the strength of your cast will differ for each fish that you are trying to catch. With the strength of your cast under control, the most strategic question comes into play-how many lines should you cast? The dating world is an unpredictable world to say the least, and it is difficult to know when you are going to get a nibble let a lone a bite, but throwing too many lines out at once could lead you into a whirlpool of trouble. Many may throw multiple lines out in their effort to find the “prize catch”, but be wary as schools of fish are known to talk amongst one another.

With both your hook set with bait and your line cast, all the pressure is on the sinker to navigate the line at the proper speed through these unchartered waters. Move too fast and the fish may get intimidated by your aggressive style, and too slow the fish may lose interest wondering why the line is floundering. But, moving at the right speed with bait firmly attached and line properly casted you will have any fish you desire-hook, line, and sinker!

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